Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gigabit Ethernet Controller Design Guidelines --> Ethernet Magnetic Selection Considerations

The Ethernet magnetic is dependent on the external PHY. Please refer to the external PHY’s datasheet and reference schematic for the detailed requirement of the Ethernet magnetic.

The following is the reference Ethernet magnetic circuit (single RJ-45 connector integrated 10/100/1000M Base-T magnetic with Turns Ratio 1CT:1CT and Auto-MDIX function) Gigabit PHY demo board.

4-Layer PCB Design

We strongly suggest customers to design to Gigabit Ethernet controller on the printed circuit board (PCB) with at least 4 layers. The 4-layer PCB design can help reduce some potential EMI, thermal and signal integrity issues, etc.

The following is an example 4-Layer PCB design for an embedded system application that uses Gigabit Ethernet controller.

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